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Preet Events & Weddings Planner is your go-to source for all things involved in creating, organizing, and perfectly carrying out the most tempting events. We provide all Indian wedding planning services under one roof, saving you the time and the hassle of coordinating with various organizations. Every client receives a tailored wedding planning package that takes into consideration their taste, preferences, and financial situation. We promise “personal professionalism,” which means that if you choose us to manage your wedding event, we will efficiently and seamlessly carry out all of our duties and cater to even the smallest of your requirements in order that each event honors the history and traditions of your family. Allow us to have the honor to plan your wedding so you can attend as a guest.

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Since the decor and atmosphere at a wedding are the first things that guests notice, as is often said, “first impressions are everything,” the theme and appropriate setup are the main focuses of every event. We consistently win the best wedding decoration award thanks to our cutting-edge and distinctive designs. We are the best wedding decorators in India because we work closely with reputable vendors and have the most talented designers on our team. Indian provider of decoration services. 

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 One of the most crucial elements of your celebration is the choice of your wedding location. Planning a destination wedding requires a lot of thought and effort. To choose a location that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also useful and practical, you need expert advice. 


A wedding is lovely because it includes every single one of our favorite people, who bring it to life. We ensure that your guests will be thoroughly pleased and entertained by our entertainment activities for wedding guests with every one of the one-of-a-kind experiences we plan at your wedding.

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Our wedding communication services in India are created in the most creative ways to ensure ease of accessibility and reach for the events and ceremonies.


Referrals to vendors, attendance at meetings with vendors, coordination, and management of deliverables, all the way up to monitoring the execution of vendors’ services on the day of the event

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A successful wedding necessitates wedding hospitality services because they entail caring for your guests from the time they arrive until it’s time to say goodbye. For your peace of mind, we assign a wedding hospitality team to handle every detail.

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Collaborating with the couple and families to plan and organize grooming and etiquette lessons, and personal training services. Planning all pre-wedding activities like bridal showers, bachelor, and hen parties arranging for your pre-wedding photography shoot, is another one of our services.

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Food plays a central role in every celebration. It can be a conversation starter or icebreaker, a way to spread happiness and warmth, and a representation of your culture and heritage. Finding a wedding caterer who is familiar with the flavors of regional cuisine is crucial because every region of India has its own unique traditional wedding cuisine.

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Arranging and managing on-ground transportation for the couple, their family, and their visitors

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